Branding & Design

The best design starts with a concept, we make sure to make your brand stand out in a galaxy of products. Will polish the shine & twinkle it with a winning strategy.
Brand research

Unclear with the creation, development, and ongoing management and strengthening of brands? Lightwave Digital Digital will help you understand the landscape and develop a launch strategy. Also, with the Brand research after launch will assist in the development of brand assets.

Competitors Analysis

We help you understand your competitor's products, strategies, and customers while making key business decisions. Also, get reliable insights on your competitor's performance to assess your position against them and improve your marketing strategies.

Target Audience Evaluation

Target Audience Evaluation is critical to marketing strategy development. Therefore, we need to evaluate a few key criteria when choosing our target audience so as not to send out our message to an inattentive audience.

Customised Theme Development

Logos, Social designs, graphics for web and physical branding elements? You name it, we got it! We use design thinking and brainstorming sessions to conceptualize the perfect persona and elements for you.

Graphics Design

No matter what artwork you are looking for, we at Lightwave Digital are popular for creative graphic designs. Our designers are experts in designing flyers, logos, banners, graphics and all kinds of other artwork.

Corporate Identity & Branding

Not sure how to visualize, communicate and ideate what your brand is? Don’t worry, our expert brand strategist works with you to create your corporate identity and your whole brand itself.

Multimedia & Graphics

We specialize in creating all types of multimedia and graphics of all manners and sizes. Our years of experience have allowed us to be creative and timely in our delivery of designs.

Design Services

Google Ads, Bing adCenter and Pay-per-click, you name it, we got it. We specialize in creating customized adverts for you that ensures the cost-effective ROI.

Marketing Campaigns

We believe that ROI is received using different methods for everyone and we believe in creating campaigns that are affordable yet highly successful. Connect with our marketing experts and create the perfect marketing campaigns for the increase in your brand’s exposure.

Company Manuals

Create a customized company manual for your organization. A good manual should reflect your company culture. Your policies should be clear and easy to comprehend.

Brochures & POS Material

What's the way of getting more money from customers in the retail business? Pushing for impulse buying! With brochures and other POS artworks, you will bring your product to the attention of potential buyers.