What we do

Technical Solutions

We design digital experiences which our as per our audience’s interests, with which they can easily relate and connect.
Web design & Web development

Web Designing is one of our personal passions at LightWave. We create super functional, beautiful and engaging web designs that are sure to convert any new visitor into a recurring one.

Website Maintenance

We provide services of web maintenance where we work around the clock to keep your website professional and relevant to your need.

Website Strategy

Our expertise in strategizing website creation are one to seek. We ensure to create custom strategies that are highly focused to ensure you resonate with your relevant audience

Custom Website Development

Do you want to be in control of every nook and cranny? No problem, at LightWave we can bring to life the web design you had in mind.

Ecommerce & Shopping Carts

We provide Shopping Cart, Ordering and Online Payment solutions, we custom create these solutions to your required methods.

Booking System

Our efficiency in creating quick widgets and apps allow us to provide you with various systems of converting your audience to your customers, including Booking Systems.

Membership System

We create bespoke membership systems for your brand, so that you can cater to a larger target market and provide them ease of access.

Blog / News Management

We not only push content for you but also manage it, from blogposts to news. We ensure that the right and relevant audience is reached with information you need to pass on to them.

Custom Design & Branding Elements

Logos, Social designs, graphics for web and physical branding elements? You name it, we got it! We use design thinking and brainstorming sessions to conceptualize the perfect persona and elements for you.

Mobile-Optimized Website

With 98% of the digital audience now being on mobile, our experts can create or work on your existing website to make it optimized for the global mobile using audience.

Content Management Systems

We create bespoke Content Management Systems that are highly customized to cater your every need. From the minute of details to the most elaborate system needed we make sure that we provide you with a CMS that covers all aspects.

Mobile Technology

Looking for a team that builds for Major mobile platforms like iOS, Android or HTML5 apps and more? Well we have amazing experience in mobile software design and mobile technology in general.

eBusiness And CC Processing

We at LightWave provide you with Online marketing services, which are specific to the market you are located in so that you can build, maintain and expand those critical local customer relationships in today’s digital world.

WordPress Experts

At Lightwave we are a squad of one of the best WordPress Experts, with over 10+ experience in WordPress development of all kinds.

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