What we do

Branding Strategy

We develop and activate brands having an insightful understanding of their vision, customers and their specific goals needed to be achieved, along with a sole motive of increasing value for the brand.
Internet Marketing

We pride in our ability to look at the world of Internet holistically and we welcome you to try our expertise holistically in marketing using the digital world.

Website Promotion

Our promotion services identify customized solutions that directly result in traffics and conversions on and continuing off your website. Don’t worry we don’t just promote it, we make sure that the right audience is targeted.

Search Engine Optimization

With our premium SEO services, we assist you in creating your online presence that is guaranteed to generate great results.

eCommerce SEO Management

We specialize in e-commerce SEO Management for anyone who is looking to market their online stores and products.

Onsite & Offsite Marketing

We perform the very best of onsite and offsite marketing in terms of content, revamping bad domain links, 3rd Party Content Marketing, obtaining quality backlinks and other factors that affect your brand.

Website Audit

Our auditing services identify common and rare problems that cause optimization and health problems on your website, don’t worry we don’t just diagnose we make sure to provide advice on improvements as well.

Local Specific Online Marketing

We at LightWave provide you with Online marketing services, which are specific to the market you are located in so that you can build, maintain and expand those critical local customer relationships in today’s digital world.

Quality Link Building

We specialize in providing you with link building solutions so you’re your business and website are back-linked in the best of quality.

Digital Advertising

Google Ads, Bing adCenter and Pay-per-click. You name it, we got it. We specialize in creating customized adverts for you that ensures the perfect ROI.

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